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Can a Moldavite Protect Us?

If you carry your moldavite with you in a jewelry creation, you have energy all day to synchronize your daily detours.

Moldavite is especially useful for those who have difficulty knowing its purpose.

Moldavite works very well with other Quartz. It is one of the synergy 12 stones, which means that it is a group of high-energy crystals that will help you embark on your ultimate spiritual journey.

The Healing Energy of Moldavite

Moldavite helps to find the reason for the imbalance. It then helps the body to establish a balance in a supportive way. It also acts as a rejuvenating stone, and slows down aging. Moldavite is excellent against memory loss and protect against mental Regression. It also benefits the eyes and respiratory problems. It strengthens the body in the fight against flu and environmental toxins.

How to Use a Moldavite

Raw Moldavite

It is believed that moldavite was formed about 15 million years ago after the impact of a giant meteorite near the Vltava River. It is called “gem” – but this term is loosely used, since it is actually light green glass and not a stone. As a “healing crystal” it has long been worn as an amulet.

I hope the following helps you: I have a “crystal shop” and have been selling stones and crystals as a Hobby for many years.

Mineral Species – Tektite

Moldavite with Natural Hole

Crystal attributes:

  • Good Luck
  • Encouraged to compassion
  • Protects the heart
  • Helps with Meditation
  • Accelerates spiritual growth and improves clairvoyance
  • Known for bringing experience of spirituality in many dimensions, emptying the mind and transcending the physical body

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