Colombianite Tektite

What is Colombianite?

Colombianite is a lavender gray tektite found in Colombia and Peru.

Although very similar to Safordite, also known as Cintamani, its effects are somewhat milder but it still has one of the highest vibratory rates of any mineral or tektite, second only to Cintamani. It helps lift the veil, opens the spiritual heart, and awakens people to their higher calling in life. As part of our tektite collection, we offer high quality real Colombianite stone for sale.

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Colombianite Healing Properties

Strongly cleanse chronic patterns, negative thought forms, emotional baggage, and outdated belief systems. The experience of the higher self and cosmic consciousness greatly improves, as well as peace and harmony in life and relationships.

It is well suited to people who are awakening to their spiritual nature and higher purpose in life. It works on subtle anatomy in a similar way to the Cintamani.

Due to the powerful releasing and lightening effects of columbianite elixir, it should not be taken more than once a day, and its use is recommended less frequently. It will help you remember who you really are and why you are here, beyond the veil of self-forgetfulness.

The Colombianite stone is shrouded in mystery, but it can be a grounding and empowering companion for those who feel called to work with this particular stone. Surprisingly, the powerful energies of Colombianite help you communicate with higher beings while staying present within your body!

How does Colombianite Look Like?

Colombianites are usually deep, highly glossy, dark blue stones and they range in color from light yellow-brown to bluish gray. Colombianite Tektites, also known as the “Blue of Water”, have a vitreous luster when polished. The name “tektite” comes from their glassy appearance (Greek tektos). They can be hued green or blue. This translucent stone is created by meteors that strike on land and sea but originate under water at deeper depths than other types of meteorites.

Colombianite is a beautiful and rare crystal that has been found mainly in the La Guajira region of Colombia. Colombianites are prized for their rich, blue-green color and because they have not yet been mass produced by modern day mining operations.

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