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Since I found out about Moldavite, my life has changed.

It is said that the gem has been formed from a meteorite who felt in Germany 15 million years ago and because of this, it has been named “The Alien Stone“.

I’m John. After Moldavite changed my life, I’ve decided to run a dedicated store to this powerful and undervalued gemstone. 

I’ve traveled around Europe to the Czech Republic in order to find the unique Moldavite stones, visit mines, and connect with like-minded miners and Moldavite lovers. I’ve made very thorough connections in the Czech Republic and even though 99% of the world’s Moldavites are already gone, I’m able to keep a big collection of Moldavites, and be able to provide and sell those to people who are interested in owning some as well.

It is important for me that everyone will be able to enjoy the benefits of this amazing stone.

Yours, John.
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Raw Moldavite (1.82grams)
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