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Sometimes spelled as Moldovite, Moldevite, Moldivite or Vltavín.
The mysterious "Alien Stone" is one of the only stones
that was formed from nature's violent meteoric impact with Mother Earth.
We only sell natural Moldavites that were discovered in the Czech Republic.
Most Moldavites are lab-tested and come with a Certificate of Authenticity

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Buyer Testimonials

Brenda G.
Brenda G.
Raw Moldavite Stone With Certificate Of Authenticity - 3-4gr (August 12th 2020)
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Love this ring! True to picture and true to size. Very happy with quality and fit.
Dawn S.
Dawn S.
Dazzling Faceted 7mm Moldavite with Garnet Sterling Silver Ring Size 53 (US 6.5) (August 15th 2020)
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This piece is beautiful and full of wonderful energy! Thank you!!
Laura B.
Laura B.
Moldavite Raw Stone Collector Specimen 11.0 Gram (August 17th 2020)
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Love this moldavite! it’ working it’s magic on me already. My dreams have been so intense and vivid since I started keeping it by my bed. I had a small peace about 2 grams 6 years ago that brought on a powerful kundalini awaking. Can’t wait to see what this one will do. My hearts chakra has had several openings already. I would recommend this sight to anyone that wants an authentic moldavite 💫👽💚🙏🏻
Janene F.
Janene F.
Perfect Round Elegant Authentic Moldavite Stud Earrings (August 20th 2020)
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It's very beautiful! The color is absolutely stunning. I plan to wear them everyday for the full benefits of this stone.
LeAnn B.
LeAnn B.
Heart Shape Moldavite with Garnet Sterling Silver Ring Size 56 (US 7 3/4) (August 24th 2020)
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It fits my finger perfectly! The moldative stone and two tiny garnet stones are very beautiful. I’m exciting to wear it all the times.
Dawn S.
Dawn S.
Dazzling Faceted 7mm Moldavite with Garnet Sterling Silver Ring Size 53 (US 6.5)
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I love this ring! I wear it everyday!! Better than expected!

What is Moldavite?

Moldavite is a stone that was created from melted pieces of a meteorite that crashed in the Austrian-Czech border 14.7 million years ago.
Moldavite is a Tektite only found in the Czech Republic. The word Tektite came from the Greek word ‘Tektos’ which means melted.

Tektites are natural glasses that come to be after a meteor hits the Earth. So tektites are formed when the meteor enters the earth’s atmosphere and the “rocks” of different sizes melt due to the heat. Though experts are still studying if the melting occurred as it entered the atmosphere or as it bounced back after the impact.

Either way, these tektites are created before or during an impact. Therefore, they are only found in selected places in the world. Those that are found in Central Europe, mostly in the Czech Republic, are called Moldavite.

The Moldavite Stone

In general, some people call it a stone or crystal. For spiritual stone believers, this is a stone full of energy and is as precious as any of the gems or crystals. Some would simply call it a Moldavite stone since they are usually the size of one and are small compared to other rocks.

Moldavites are known as ‘vltavin’ in Czech. It is named after the river where most of it was found, the Vltava River. At first, in 1788, professor Josef Mayer of Prague University gave a lecture, naming it “chrysolites”. But by 1836, F. M. Zippe, author of Bohemian Gems, called it Moldavite. He got it from the German name of the same river, Moldau. It was soon more commonly used among Czech professors.

The impact site, now Nordlinger Ries Crater, is estimated to be about 14.7 million years old. In theory, when the giant meteorite hit the earth, the Moldavites fell in Bohemia, Germany, and Austria. Though the present collected Moldavite is estimated to be only 1%. Most have eroded or got buried due to natural soil erosion.

The total collective weight of all the Moldavites that has been found is around 275 tons. 10,000,000 of them have been found in South Bohemia alone. They were scattered around the towns of Písek, Veselí nad Lužnicí, České Velenice, Český Krumlov and Prachatice.

Moldavite Origin

This stone is only found in Czechoslovakia and owes its name to the area in which it is located, near the river Moldau (called the Vltava in Czech).
While scientists differ in theories about the origin of Moldova, almost everyone agrees that its formation occurred with the shock of a large meteorite approximately 14.8 million years ago in what is now the Bohemian Plateau.

Properties and Uses

Moldavite is believed to be a very powerful and energetic stone. Some people have shared very powerful experiences when holding a Moldavite, sleeping with it or taking it for a walk. Most people have experienced strong feelings of transformation. That is why it is called “the stone of transformation“.

Even though it is very powerful, there is no reason to be worried about it. Some people claim that Moldavite can be dangerous, but It will not cause any harm. You will only feel the transformation inside yourself, depends on the Moldavite you have purchased and the power it holds.

Some people claim that Moldavite is good for counteracting cynicism. That it relieves doubts, even when the cause is unknown, and calms concerns about money by providing solutions that had not been previously considered. Wearing Moldavite in jewelry allows your energies to remain in the vibratory field throughout the day. Due to the intense vibration of Moldavite, some may experience dizziness and may need to gradually get used to wearing it. Moldavite works very well in combination with other stones, especially with the crystalline energies of the quartz varieties .

Moldavite can be worn as Moldavite jewelry, such as pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. That way, the energies from the Moldavite will stay with you as long as you are wearing the piece. If you prefer to have a Moldavite raw stone, you can hold it while meditating, put it in your pocket, under your pillow while you sleep, or just by your bed.

Other uses for Moldavites are Moldavite oils and bath salts. Those can be rubbed on your skin in order to absorb the Moldavite energies using the quickest way. Another way to absorb Moldavite is using Moldavite incense. That way you can smell it around you, in your living room, bedroom, office or even garage.

What Does Moldavite Look Like?

Moldavites vary in sizes, colors, and properties. Of the 10 million pieces, they had a predominant color of bottle green. Moldavites vary between the lightest yellow-green to the darkest brownish-green.

Those found in Germany were generally olive green and bottle green. While those in Western Moravia were olive green and brown. These natural glasses are considered rare and often sold for museum displays, scientific studies, spiritual stones and sometimes as precious jewels. Because it is delicate as a glass, it is not often used in rings but rather as earrings and pendants. Most often, it is protected by other precious metals to avoid contact or scraping.

Most tektites are also dark when placed under a light. Moldavites are the only exception because they are mostly semi-transparent. Because of their translucency, Moldavite’s colors and properties can be closely observed. Many are composed of iron and manganese which are chemical elements that give these glasses colors.

There are three primary shapes of tektites when classified. These are splash-form tektites, Muong Nong-type tektites, and microtektites. Most Moldavites are splash-form ones or what they also call drops. But it is also common to see discs shaped, three-aerial ellipsoids, and sphere-like forms, too. Lastly, most of the Southern Bohemia Moldavites are also small. The bigger ones come from Moravia with the biggest at 258.5 grams.

Featured Products

  • Quality A+ Bottle Green Large Moldavite with Certificate of Authenticity (13.35grams) 3Quality A+ Bottle Green Large Moldavite with Certificate of Authenticity (13.35grams) 4
  • Shiny Large Moldavite with Certificate of Authenticity (11.62grams) 1Shiny Large Moldavite with Certificate of Authenticity (11.62grams) 2
  • Yellow Green Moldavite from Besednice with Certificate of Authenticity (2.47grams) 1Yellow Green Moldavite from Besednice with Certificate of Authenticity (2.47grams) 2
  • Quality A Investment Moldavite with Certificate of Authenticity (26.96grams) 1Quality A Investment Moldavite with Certificate of Authenticity (26.96grams) 2
  • Quality A Uncommon Shape Moldavite with Certificate of Authenticity (9.75grams) 4Quality A Uncommon Shape Moldavite with Certificate of Authenticity (9.75grams) 3
  • Olive Green Moldavite from Besednice with Certificate of Authenticity (4.6grams) 1Olive Green Moldavite from Besednice with Certificate of Authenticity (4.6grams) 2
  • Natural Piece Moldavite from Besednice with Certificate of Authenticity (1.73grams) 1Natural Piece Moldavite from Besednice with Certificate of Authenticity (1.73grams) 2
  • Quality A++ Olive Green Moldavite from Besednice with Certificate of Authenticity (1.96grams) 1Quality A++ Olive Green Moldavite from Besednice with Certificate of Authenticity (1.96grams) 2
  • Quality A+/++ Bottle Green Moldavite from Besednice with Certificate of Authenticity (4.99grams) 1Quality A+/++ Bottle Green Moldavite from Besednice with Certificate of Authenticity (4.99grams) 2

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how to spot fake moldavite?

With technological advances nowadays, fake Moldavites are a thing for the greedy. How to spot fake Moldavite is a skill needed here. Knowing that Moldavites are rare, people have created glass imitations. Since the Moldavite is a natural glass, some have taken the process to the extreme of creating some that looks like it. Others have found similar looking rocks and stones and sell them as Moldavites. So a lot of questions arise like how to tell if Moldavite is fake? Or how to know if Moldavite is real? To find out how, learn the following tricks and methods.

There are general rules in purchasing a real Moldavite. First is the price. Any too good to be true offering price should already alarm you. On the other hand, if you find it too expensive, research about the seller. Moldavites are recently sold per gram. Research the right price of Moldavites.

Another general rule is knowing the size of Moldavites. Any Moldavite about 50 grams or bigger than 3 inches should be doubtful. There are hardly any of those sizes sold anywhere. If you are looking for the rare big ones, always have an expert or geologist to check it. Besides, one would be too pricey for anything beyond 50 grams.

The top-secret for a real Moldavite is its Lechatelierite. These are uniquely shaped or twisted elongate long bubbles inside it. They look like wires along with straight elongated ones. To see these, get a magnifying lens so you can peek inside the Moldavite. This method alone will answer one’s question of how to tell real Moldavite.

More Physical Signs of Moldavite Fakes: How to Spot One

If the Moldavite has a smooth glass-looking color lighter than olive green, be doubtful. If it’s too shiny and bright green, it may as well be a fake. Remember, a Moldavite is a natural glass, so those who manufacture fakes use green glasses as well. So if you’re thinking of how to tell fake Moldavites from the real ones, keep this in mind. Second, if a Moldavite is too smooth or doesn’t have that elongated or “wire” bubbles at all, it sure is a fake. Fakes may try to imitate the rugged surface but check the edges if they’re natural cuts or sharp by looking at it closely.

Third, would be its shape and size. Though they now make molds out of original ones, try looking around if they are of the same shape and sizes. If that’s the case, then these are fakes. Real Moldavites have unique sizes. There are hardly any of the same shapes unless it was intentionally done so. Egg shapes are a high indication of fakes, too.

Moldavite Metaphysical Properties

Physical Healing Energy

Moldavite is useful as a diagnostic tool. It shows the cause and source of an imbalance or disease , and then supports the process of liberation and healing. Its high vibratory energy helps restore blocked areas, encouraging cells to return to their original state of perfection. Moldavite stimulates personal achievement and delays the aging process. It helps retain memory and protects against mental degeneration.

Emotional Healing Energy

Moldavite helps us get the deepest of our heart and bring it to the surface to analyze it Its resonance unites heart and mind to work to the beat. The mind, when building its creations, looks at the heart to see what is worth and the heart learns to see itself and others with compassion and empathy. Moldavite is an unconventional stone. It helps free archaic belief systems and ancient ideas that no longer work. Those who do not like the intense green color of Moldavite often have an aversion to emotion and need to experience unconditional love to find fullness. They may also have hidden emotional traumas that need to surface and heal, for which other crystals are required.

Spiritual Energy

Moldavite is a talisman sent to Earth for spiritual awakening, transformation and evolutionary growth. It facilitates a strong , clear and direct connection between one’s conscience and the Universal Source. It prevents negative energies and entities from connecting or clinging to one’s aura and helping to disconnect from unhealthy personal attachments.

Moldavite Push

The Moldavite Stone and its Properties

The moldavite is the great stone of greatness. Carved with spiritual fire and destined for this purpose. This mysterious green talisman is born from the stars. Formed by the violent impact of a meteorite with Mother Earth. Moldavite is engraved by force and the flames of its fall from the sky. You have to have 1 look at this rock to determine it

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how to spot a fake moldavite

How to Identify a Real Moldavite and Spot Fakes

“How do I know if someone is selling real Moldavite or trying to trick me with fake Moldavites?” This is a question that I am asked quite often and for good reason. In recent years, the Internet has exploded with cheap and completely fake moldavite. The market for the mysterious and increasingly rare Moldovan gem

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Moldavite: The Meaning and Uses of the Crystal

Moldavite is considered to be a very unique stone. According to legend, the stone is not originally from the earth. About 15 million years ago, an asteroid impacted earth round the modern Czech Republic. The exact area is believed to be the Bohemian Plateau. That is why the crystal is also known as Bouteille Stone.

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Meaning and Properties of Moldavite

Moldavite – Properties, Meanings, Uses

Moldavite is a rock that’s well known for frequencies that are extreme and its vibrations. It’s named after the lake in which it was discovered. Although scientists have quite different theories about how it was formed, all of them concur that its creation greatly coincides with all the crashing of a large meteorite from the

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Moldavite and Tektite

Moldavite and Tektite

Moldavite is a bottle-green to brown-green gemstone belonging to the tektite group. It’s garnered attention due to the origin that was unusual – it is considered to have formed after a meteorite impact from condensed rock vapors. Always be careful when buying online as there are fake moldavite as well. You may sometimes see moldavite

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moldavite incense sticks

Moldavite Incense

Burning incense is a peaceful act. It helps you recall some fun memories while relaxing at home, and it compliments your yoga or meditation practice. What’s more if you’re a using a Moldavite Incense. What is a Moldavite Incense? As the name suggests, moldavite incense is a type of incense with the essence of moldavite.

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BigAngelChimeMoldavite CERTIFIED

Can a Moldavite Protect Us?

If you carry your moldavite with you in a jewelry creation, you have energy all day to synchronize your daily detours. Moldavite is especially useful for those who have difficulty knowing its purpose. Moldavite works very well with other Quartz. It is one of the synergy 12 stones, which means that it is a group

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Moldavite Dangers

Moldavite Dangers – Should You be Worried?

Moldavite truly is the stuff of stars. Formed by a meteorite impact more than 15 million years ago, Moldavite’s intoxicating green color, incredible power, and fascinating extraterrestrial origin make it one of the most sought-after crystals. But where there’s power, there’s fear. Many people warn of Moldavite dangers, and that frightens people who could potentially

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