Moldavite Necklaces & Pendants

Moldavite was formed by meteorites striking our planet’s surface and then cooling down to form these beautiful gemstones. It’s been said that wearing or carrying moldavite will bring good luck and prosperity into your life!

Our collection of elegant Moldavite necklaces and pendants are hand-crafted with real Moldavites only. These authentic Moldavite gems came directly from the Czech Republic, the sole source of natural Moldavite.

Moldavites are the green-colored, amorphous crystals that are best to be cut and shaped into different forms. Aside from its natural charm, one remarkable benefit of a Moldavite pendant is that it helps its wearers bring back the sense of connections to the heart, mind, and soul.

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Experience the positive vibe as you get in style with a Moldavite pendant or two. Our chic Moldavite pendants for sale will surely go along with any style. It’s because our uniquely handcrafted designs are made to pair with any chain of your choice.

Moldavite stones are the only gems that were formed from the meteorite’s impact to the earth – a massive impact that transformed into precious green crystals. With this, whoever wears a Modavite meteorite gem will experience a transforming change to one’s life.

That is why Moldavite is considered to be a stone of transformation, as it brings a compelling change to its wearers.

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