Large Moldavite

Our limited collection of Large Moldavite stones will definitely stand out in anyone’s stone collection. The presence of a large Moldavite in your home or in your office will make you experience the powerful energies of a Moldavite.

Large Moldavite, as the name suggests, are bigger Moldavite pieces that are intended for display. But this type of Moldavite can be divided and faceted into smaller pieces for making small Moldavite stones or Moldavite jewelry. The biggest piece of moldavite ever found was discovered in Bohemia in 1980. This massive piece of natural glass weighs an impressive 142 grams!

The opportunity to get a Large Moldavite for sale is rare since these Moldavites are only limited in number. All the Large Moldavites that are in our store are certified and each piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity when sold.

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Moldavite Physical Properties

Moldavites are amorphous crystals that have a glass-like appearance. They usually go by shades of color green, but some have black or brownish color.

Moldavites are made up of Silicon dioxide, Aluminum dioxide and various metal oxides. Its amorphous nature makes it to be of various shapes and sizes, but is commonly seen to have drop-like formation.

Because of this, you can cut a large Moldavite into different shapes such as oval, spheroid spiral and other shapes possible, and create an authentic moldavite necklace. It is recommended to use a sterling silver chain for those.

Moldavite for Healing and Health

Moldavite is a part of the healing family of crystals as it brings healing and fertility to its beholder. Moldavite is used to identify the cause and sources of sickness and releases certain energies to aid in the healing process.

Its high vibrational energies can remove blockages in the body, restoring it into its prime state. Moldavite also supports rejuvenation and slows down the aging process.

Moldavite for Fortune, Wealth and Protection

Moldavite stones also bring good fortune and protection to its wearers. It provides safety in travel, especially when you travel a lot.

The energies will relieve your worries and help resolve your money problems. It will lead you to solutions and will teach you that life is not all about money. If you’re asking where to buy real moldavite necklace, visit our collection.

Moldavite will fill you with the energy of growth, expansion, and new beginnings. It also brings energy of vitality and abundance.

Moldavite for Love and Relationships

Moldavite is the stone of the heart. It works best in activating the heart Chakra. It maintains the heart Chakra balanced to help you give love and happiness to the people you love.

If you are in a relationship, this stone will help you better understand your partner by understanding their true nature, which will also lead you to doing creative ways to adjust to your other half.

It also helps you to be accepting of changes that might occur in your relationship with a willing heart and open mind.

As long as you are surrounded by Moldavites’ energy, your life will be full of meaning and purpose and ward off the negative energies and keep the positive ones.

Best Stones to Combine with Moldavite

Moldavite also works well with other stones, especially stones and crystals of quartz variety.

For meditation, it is best when paired with grounding stones such as Obsidian, Black Jasper or Red Tourmaline.

How to Take Care of a Large Moldavite Stone

To keep your Moldavite stone in good condition, you should always clean it and make sure it is kept properly.

Do not let large Moldavite or any other Moldavite sit under the sun for more than 30 minutes.

In cleaning your stone, you can use a soft cloth dampened with a Moldavite oil or any oil. Do not cleanse it with salt.

You might be asking how much does real moldavite cost, as it is a common question we are getting often. The price varies according to the size and quality, and can start between $5 a gram to $200 a gram and even higher for museum quality pieces.


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