Moldavite Jewelry

What a great way to revolutionize your style with our Moldavite jewelry collection! With a plethora of Moldavite jewelry to choose from, there’ll surely be one that’ll fit your taste.

Did you know that wearing a Moldavite jewelry will help you feel calm and safe as you experience healing? Moldavite stone is known for its mysterious origins millions of years ago. It is a rare, precious gem that was forged with the impact of a meteorite on the earth.

Like any other gem, a Moldavite stone can be turned into a piece of precious jewelry. From beads, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and rings, we have a wide variety of real Moldavite jewelry in unique and fabulous designs.

All our jewelry comes in a giftable fancy box and a Moldavite certificate of authenticity.

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Benefits of Wearing Moldavite Jewelry

Since its discovery, Moldavite stones have been used as a charm for luck and fertility. Nowadays, many believe that this stone was sent to help the earth’s healing and transition.

Wearing a Moldavite jewelry will bring life changes to its wearers. When worn, one can feel the powerful energy radiating from the stone that encourages you to go forward with life’s transformations.

Not only that, but it also connects to the Heart Chakra and brings out the unconditional love in its wearer’s aura. A Moldavite jewelry is also helpful for meditation as it helps you connect to your higher consciousness.

Though you may feel a bit dizzy when carrying a Moldavite jewelry for the first time. This is due to the high frequency and strong vibrations coming from the Moldavite stone.

Others may experience a sensation called the “Modalvite Flush”. This happens when the flush flows through a person’s body in a warm, rushing sensation.

How to Identify a Fake Moldavite Jewelry

Like any other gems, a Moldavite jewelry can also be faked. When you buy Moldavite jewelry it is important to know its properties to prevent you from buying a fake one.

Moldavite Stone Color

The stone in a Moldavite jewelry must be a dark green color, similar to the color of moss. If you encounter a stone that has a more vibrant shade of green, it can be an Emerald instead of Moldavite.

Stone Structure

It is also important to know the physical structure of the stone. Moldavite stones have an amorphous structure, which means that it can grow to various shapes and patterns. A genuine Moldavite stone is prone to dents and scratches.

Moldavite Texture

Since Moldavite stones are amorphous in nature, it is difficult to process a raw Moldavite on a completely smooth surface. If you encounter a Moldavite jewelry that has the right color but is as soft and thin as a piece of the bottle, it is probably a fake.

Moldavite Stone Clarity

As it is hard to polish a Moldavite stone on a smooth surface, so it is also hard to find a completely transparent Moldavite. Most of the time, raw Moldavite stones are found with impurities, making it less transparent.

Ask Where the Stone is from

As stated above, the one and only source of raw Moldavites is from the Czech Republic. If a store or a seller claims that the Moldavite stone was mined from another place, it is most certainly a fake.

With all these, make sure to buy a Moldavite jewelry from a legit store and seller. As a member of the IMCA, we only sell genuine and elegant Moldavite jewelry pieces.

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