Moldavite Beads

If you are looking for stylish accessories to add to your collection, our store has chic Moldavite beads for sale! These beads were carved and cut from raw Moldavites that came from Czech Republic, the place where natural Moldavite stones came from.

Moldavite is an extraterrestrial stone that went down from heaven millions of years ago. Moldavite is forged from a meteorite impact to earth. The shape, size and texture of a Moldavite depend on the scale of the impact.

During the early Paleolithic era, Moldavite was used to make helmets and weapons. According to Czechoslovakian myths, this stone invites harmony to the place where it is stored.

This stone is called an alien stone because of its rare glass-like features and its unique forms. The rarity and the great power that comes from this precious gem make it special and sought after.

Nowadays, all Moldavite stones from Czech Republic have been completely mined out. So there are only a few authentic Moldavite stones for sale.

Processing Moldavite Beads

Moldavite stones are known to be amorphous in nature, meaning it has no definite shape and form. Because of this, processing and faceting a raw Moldavite on a polished surface is difficult. It takes time to make shaped cuts out of a raw Moldavite stone.

Even more so when forming it into polished round Moldavite beads. This is because of Moldavite’s corrugated surface and internal structure. Forming perfectly round and polished Moldavite beads takes a lot of effort and patience.

How to Spot a Fake Moldavite

Before you buy Moldavite beads, it is important to distinguish which pieces are authentic and which are not. Authentic Moldavite stone is of dark green color, similar moss color. If it’s not green, it is certainly not a real Moldavite.

If the Moldavite bead is soft and as thin as a piece of glass bottle, it is not a real Moldavite. It is reported that almost 95% of the faceted Moldavites from Thailand and China are fake. Real Moldavite gems have bubble and swirl formations within it.

Real Moldavites have inclusions of lechatelierite. The presence or lack of it is the best way to determine genuine Moldavites. Fake Moldavite under UV light is observed to grow brightly.

Moldavite Proper Care

Despite its seemingly strong structure, Moldavites are fragile gems. To clean your Moldavite beads, simply wipe it with a clean and soft cloth damped with mild soapy water. Thoroughly rinse Moldavite beads before wearing or keeping it.

Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners in cleaning Moldavite beads. Do not leave the Moldavite exposed in sunlight for extended periods of time. When engaging in physical activities, remove the Moldavite to keep it from shattering into pieces.

As you buy Moldavite beads from our store, each piece we sell comes with a certificate of authenticity. As a member of the IMCA, rest assured our Moldavite beads for sale are authentic.

We only offer genuine Moldavite as we have been in close partnership with the Czech Republic miners for two decades now. We make sure that we only purchase our Moldavite trusted miners in the Czech Republic.

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