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Can Moldavite Crystal Healing Really Promote Better Life and Happiness?

Million years ago, it is said that a large meteorite crashed in a vast area, which is known today as the Czech Republic. The impact was about 6 trillion megatons – and it is much stronger than all the atomic bombings that happened on earth combined. It is strong enough to vaporize rocks, and that is what is theorized to have produced these mythic moldavite stones.

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Credit:  Jiri Vaclavek 

The collision made the meteorite and the terrestrial rock to evaporate into a gas form, which later turned into liquid form. Upon cooling, condensing and solidifying on its way down as it hit the crater, it formed into a glassy stone, which what we call Moldavite today. This is the reason why Moldavite stones are aerodynamic in shape, because they literally fell from the sky.

Can We Use Moldavite for Healing?

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Moldavite is a very popular stone among healers. It is dubbed as a high vibrational stone, in fact the term “Moldavite Flush” was coined for the experience of the energetic warmth that people feel when holding it. The moldavite crystal is believed to enhance healing abilities, as it can accelerate the personal evolution of the light body, has metaphysical properties, and it can open one up to higher levels of compassion

Again, moldavites have been used for millions of years in the belief that it can ward off illness and negate bad energies – and just recently, this known hypothesis is having a resurgence. If you search Google for “crystal healing” the search results have doubled in the past few years, fuelled by advertisements and endorsements from popular celebrities including singer Adele, who uses it to help her with stage fright, and Victoria Beckham, who showcased her moldavite collection to her Instagram followers.

But it’s the role real moldavite crystals play within the health sector that has the most people talking. A friend of mine had eczema on her hand. After applying archangel aromatherapy with a clear moldavite crystal, it stopped her itching. Cool eh? Do crystals really amplify, direct, and reorganize to shift the energy completely for healing?

As with many natural therapies, these questions have been raised about whether moldavite crystal or any crystal healing really works. Way back in 2001, a study from psychologist Dr Christopher French from London’s Goldsmith’s College tested its effects. He gave volunteers genuine crystals and fake crystals. They were then asked to meditate and report any sensations felt. The outcome, its as if there was no difference in feelings from both real and fake crystals.

Soil scientist Dr Karen Smith agrees, and she thinks that it can make people feel good and give them a psychological boost. So can we really use crystals for healing? According to Cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Nikki Stamp, as long crystal healing doesn’t really attempt to replace the actual treatment, it’s OK. Even crystal-healing therapist Emily Smars, doubts that these crystals can cure serious medical conditions. According to her, you still need to see a doctor for major conditions, but with emotional well-being, these moldavites or crystals are big helpers.

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Always remember that regardless of whether crystals harness the placebo effect – for good effects or bad – they can be a useful tool to help make your body and feel connected to something bigger than yourself. Simply, ask Adele before she steps on stage.

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