John Moldavite

John has been collecting and selling Moldavites since he was 14 years old. He created BuyMoldavite to make this magical stone available to everyone without worrying about fakes. He is a self-taught expert in the field, having spent decades researching what makes these stones so special--and why they've been sought after for millennia. John travels the world in search of new specimens. He's never lost interest and can't imagine ever stopping his quest for finding more!

John Moldavite

How is Moldavite Tied to Religion?

Moldavite is a green gemstone believed to have celestial origins. It has fascinated humans for thousands of years. And it’s beautiful. Its unique appearance and supposed extraterrestrial birth, resulting from a meteorite impact nearly 15 million years ago, have cloaked it in mystery. Believe what you want to, but read on to explore the meanings …

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