John Moldavite

John has been collecting and selling Moldavites since he was 14 years old. He created BuyMoldavite to make this magical stone available to everyone without worrying about fakes. He is a self-taught expert in the field, having spent decades researching what makes these stones so special--and why they've been sought after for millennia. John travels the world in search of new specimens. He's never lost interest and can't imagine ever stopping his quest for finding more!

John Moldavite
what does moldavite do

What Does Moldavite Do?

The moldavite is a greenish, translucent stone that was formed by meteor showers over 20 million years ago. It’s known for being the only gemstone on earth to have its own unique chemical composition. Moldavites are usually opaque and come in shades of green, with some having white or yellow streaks. They’re also very rare …

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wet moldavite

Can Moldavite Get Wet?

Many people buy moldavite because they want to raise their vibration, experience a spiritual awakening or heal. Maybe you want to buy moldavite jewelry and plan to wear it 24/7, or use it as part of your meditations or rituals. In either case, you may be worried about moisture and humidity. Can moldavite get wet? …

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howtoactivatemoldavite buymoldavite

How To Activate Moldavite

Last Updated: August 24th 2021 Moldavite is a beautiful, mysterious gemstone that has been around since the beginning of time. There are many theories about why this crystal materializes on Earth, but no one knows for sure. Some people believe it fell from outer space and landed in Czechoslovakia because of its extraterrestrial origins; others …

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How To Cleanse Moldavite

How to Cleanse Moldavite

To owners of crystals or stones and other precious stones like the Moldavite, maintaining itspositive vibe and energy is important. Hence, learning how to cleanse your Moldavite isparamount. Cleansing one’s Moldavite means removing all the negative energy it may have absorbed.There are several ways one can cleanse their Moldavite. Cleansing with Water The top cleansing …

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How To Make Moldavite Oil

How to Make Moldavite Oil

Moldavite oil isn’t an extract but rather healing oil that’s infused with a Moldavite piece.Just like in using a Moldavite piece, it is vital to work with the stone before dipping it intoyour desired oil. To make the Moldavite oil, prepare your desired base oil which could be a sunflower,olive, almond or grapeseed oil. Fill …

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