Why Jewelery is Really a Form of Art

Why Jewelery is Really a Form of Art

We wear moldavite gemstones for a number of reasons. For one, it’s thought that moldavite has therapeutic qualities for the mind and the heart. Secondly, moldavite is full of intense warmth and energy, helping to relax a person’s mental state and expel harmful energies from their life. 

A third reason that we wear moldavite gemstones, however, is that they’re beautiful. Sometimes it is as simple as that. In fact, one of the key reasons that we wear any kind of jewelery is because they’re aesthetically pleasing. For thousands of years, jewelery has been described as a form of art, just as intense and impressive as any painting or sculpture. 

So why exactly is this the case? Why do we find jewelery so beautiful and why is it considered a piece of art?

Inherent Meanings

Firstly, just like moldavite, jewelery can hold an inherent meaning. One of the most popular uses of jewelery, for instance, is to acknowledge and celebrate religion. A piece of Judaica jewelery can be just as intimate an expression of faith as Judaica art, and there are many reasons for this. 

Like a painting, jewelery can express key values of a religion without any words at all, whether those values are love, strength, protection, hardship, and so on, jewelery can symbolise those virtues and give them a platform to shine. 

The Artistic Expression

Jewelery also emphasises creative expression. Someone can change their look, their energy, and even their personality just by wearing a specific set of jewelery. This is different to other things we wear – all of which serve a practical purpose. 

There’s nothing practical about jewelery, just as there’s nothing practical about other forms of art. Jewelery is a purely emotional thing, worn to radiate inherent beliefs, values, and individualism. It’s an artistic expression that allows the wearer to express themselves.

The Craftsmanship

Lastly, it’s important to note the craftsmanship that goes into creating jewelery. The creation of a very fine piece of jewelery, for instance, requires an understanding of craft, form, materials, and composition. In short, it demands creativity. To apply design and originality to a piece of jewelery requires a command of aesthetics that is usually reserved for artists.

If these ingredients have come together to form a beautiful piece of jewelery, why wouldn’t we call it art? This is especially the case when we consider why the jewelery is worn and what it means for the wearer. In the same way that we love looking at an artist’s vision on canvas, we love looking at a jewelery maker’s vision. Pieces of jewelery speak to us, and they say something about ourselves that draws us close. 


The next time you’re picking moldavite – or any jewelery, for that matter – make sure to remember that jewelery doesn’t have to serve a specific purpose. Sometimes, it’s just about forming that visual attachment. Like wandering through a glistening gallery, look at what draws your eye, and then try to understand what it is that has engaged you. That is what art is all about, after all.

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