How to Use Moldavite

How to Use Moldavite

In the world of stone, gem, or crystal users, the Moldavite is among the must-haves. For
a beginner, how to use Moldavite is definitely a must-learn.

Working with a Moldavite usually depends on how one wants to use it as well. There are
many different ways of making a Moldavite work and we would be listing a common few.

But First… A Quick History About Moldavites

Though Moldavite is a glass by nature, it is considered a crystal or gem for many
because of its beautiful characteristics. Moldavite was born out of a meteorite that fell to
the earth, particularly in Europe, about 14.7 million years ago
. This makes it among the
most powerful energy stones or crystals.

Moldavite is also known for its spiritual benefits, but in order to obtain it, one should use
a Moldavite properly. So without further adieu, here are some ways on how one bearer
can work with a Moldavite.

Activating Your Inner Transformation or Consciousness

A change or transformation is the top reason many are using Moldavites. Based on
many testimonies from its bearers, they have gone through spiritual or consciousness
change in the process of using it.

Moreover, Moldavite may lead you to the right healing process for those who have gone
through a lot or experienced trauma

So, how to work with Moldavite? By holding your Moldavite alone, this activates the
energy in it
. Although there are stories of it giving overwhelming energy on their first
encounter, in time, people have adapted and worked their energies to match with the

By working with your Moldavite, meaning constantly using it or having it with you, this
may bring out a change in you. To some, the Moldavite gives them a feeling of
positivity. This makes one less depressed or sad.

Others make them feel more courageous and outgoing not necessarily to anybody but
feeling more connected to their current ones.

Having your Moldavite with you, meditating with it, and by studying how to channel the
energy it holds, can open one’s inner consciousness. By doing so, a transformation can
come as a result.

Some said that by having their Moldavite with them, they have become more positive to
life’s daily givings
. Some said that they have gained courage, built great relationships,
and felt more energetic.

Others have felt like their Moldavite wasn’t doing anything at first but have noticed some
changes after.

Many also use the Moldavite as a tool to elevate their consciousness. This can be done
by clearing your mind and connecting your heart to your desires. Allow thoughts and
emotions to go through it and let the Moldavite assist you in what it believes is best for

Meditating with Your Moldavite

While meditating, one can use a Moldavite to ascend to a higher level of the spiritual
realm. Many have used it to feel connected with their ancestors and spiritual guide or

Many believe that since the crystal came from a cosmic source, the energy it emits may
connect the bearer to the cosmic energy, too. To some, astral travel is much more
feasible with a Moldavite.

How to Work with Moldavite to Open One’s Heart Chakra

To open one’s heart chakra, one is encouraged to use a Moldavite as a pendant or
necklace. To the bearer, he or she would feel a strong emotional outburst. It can be
something like something heavy has been lifted out of you.

Opening one’s heart chakra means developing a sense of love and relationship to the
world, to humanity. It may also mean opening your heart to your soulmate or true
partner. Moldavite benefits anyone who may feel unhappy in their life.

Using Your Moldavite as a Spiritual Guide or Protector

Many believe that one’s Moldavite will lead one to his or her optimal path in living. It
would protect you from wrong decisions and lead you to where you should be.

There had been testimonies of which they had wanted to follow a certain path but had a
hard time going through it only to find out that there was a better choice waiting for

moldavite stone real

The high energy vibrating from a Moldavite serves as a protection or guide. For those
who follow the Law of Attraction, a Moldavite will resonate with your positive desires

Sleeping with Your Moldavite

Use your Moldavite when you sleep to connect your energy with your surroundings as
your sleep. Some sleep with it taping it to their forehead to activate their third eye.
Others use it to guide them to their dreams.

Some suggest holding it to your hand while you sleep while others suggest you put it
under your pillow
. To those who find it too strong, it is suggested to place it beside your

With questions like, how to use Moldavite or how to work with Moldavite, one can find
more spiritual benefits and energy channeling advantage of Moldavites through
testimonies over the Internet.

Though there is no sure answer or guarantee on how a Moldavite may work with you,
one must explore its connection through acquiring or bearing one.

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