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Moldavite: The Meaning and Uses of the Crystal

Moldavite is considered to be a very unique stone. According to legend, the stone is not originally from the earth. About 15 million years ago, an asteroid impacted earth round the modern Czech Republic. The exact area is believed to be the Bohemian Plateau. That is why the crystal is also known as Bouteille Stone. The immense heat was seen as a spiritual fire that born a new mystical stone that rained down over the Czech Republic and surroundings.

For thousands of years, people would use the stone as an amulet, mostly for fertility and fortune. Later on, some arrowheads were also discovered in the sediments of the Upper to middle Miocene age. Moldavite was found in its millions in the Czech Republic. Over time, the acidic waters shaped and eroded many of the pieces to the extent that only a few are found now in small areas of the original crash spot.

What Exactly is Moldavite?

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Moldavite is often referred to as an impactite or a mineraloid. An impactite is something that literally fell from the sky. But it is also a mineraloid because it occurred naturally, and the inorganic stone has no crystalline structure. At first, experts believed it to be chrysolites, but further studies revealed strange wrinkles and signs that could not be attributed to water erosion. Moldavite and Tektite are often used in the same sentence. A tektite is a word used to describe the origin of cosmic impacts creating natural black, brown, gray, or green glass formed by debris and heat.

Moldavite is a gemstone and dates back thousands of years. It was mostly used as an amulet, but because of its green color, there was a controversial theory that it was placed on the Holy Grail where it was believed to be an Emerald. According to legend, it had healing powers similar to that of an emerald. Having the same energy emeralds possess, makes Moldavite also very sought after.

Because Moldavite is glass-like, it is quite fragile. It is basically just as hard as manmade glass. It is better to use it then in earrings, pendants, or pins where a hard impact is minimalized. The beautiful teardrop shape of many of the stones, displays an exquisite jewelry piece. 

How to Determine A Real Moldavite and Fake Moldavite

In the world where everything is accessible with point-click simplicity, not everything is as it seems. As it is the case with imitation jewelry. There are loads of replicas from Asia and parts of Europe. Other parts of the world are not standing back, either. But there are ways to identify a fake Moldavite.

How to Tell if Your Moldavite is Fake


There are a few things to look out for before you buy your Moldavite crystal.

  • Color: The common color of Real Moldavite is olive-green, but it can vary from pale to translucent greens too. Sometimes it has streaks of brown. One important indication is the gas bubbles trapped when it was formed. If the stone has a very shiny surface, it is possibly just ordinary glass.
  • Texture: Moldavite should not have a clayish texture at all. It also should not look like a jelly set in glass. When you think of a green soda bottle and you find Moldavite looking like that, be confident that it most likely is just that. It should also not have seams and appear to be too uniform and similar looking.

Moldavite Meaning and Benefits

Moldavite is also called a transformation stone. The crystal has a special warmth to the touch as its radiant energy vibrates through the body. There is even a term called the “Moldavite flush” describing this sensation. The power is so strong that newcomers often are overwhelmed. The crystal connects you with the universe and also acts as a protector. It is excellent for counteracting cynicism. It calms worries about money, or whatever doubt you have. Even if you don´t really know what the concern is.

When you carry your Moldavite in a jewelry creation with you, you have energy all day to synchronize your daily roundabouts. Moldavite is especially useful for those struggling to know their purpose. Moldavite works very well with other quartz. It is one of the synergy 12 stones, which means it is a group of high energy crystals that helps you to embrace your ultimate spiritual path.

The Healing Energies of Moldavite

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Moldavite helps to find the reason for the imbalance. It then helps the body in a supportive way to establish equilibrium. It also acts as a rejuvenating stone and slows aging. Moldavite is excellent for memory loss and protects against mental regression. It also benefits the eyes and problems with the respiratory tract. It strengthens the body in the fight against the flu and Ambiental toxins.

When it comes to emotional healing, Moldavite reaches deep into the heart to bring to the surface that needs to be worked on. It brings the heart and mind in unison and allows deeply hidden thoughts and ideas to be discarded. It has the power to break the hypnotic state of mind you are trapped in.

For spiritual growth, Moldavite acts as a talisman to awaken your spirit and to grow exponentially. It creates a strong connection between the universe and your own consciousness.  It protects the aura against negative energies. Because it is a stone of the heart, it also is related to the heart chakra. It helps us to be balanced within our environment. When your heart chakra is imbalanced, you have a hard time with relationships. The green crystal energy of Moldavite helps to unblock emotions and bring the heart chakra back to its balanced state.  

Moldavite also opens the third eye and crown chakras. By stimulating the third eye chakra, it helps us to have healthy inner conversations. When the crown chakra is unblocked, it helps us to see things as they are and not to get upset about life’s experiences.

Moldavite can charge all the chakras and bring forth great emotional release.

How to Use Moldavite?

As Moldavite is such a powerful stone, you don’t need much of it on your person.  You can either wear it as earrings or a pendant, or you can carry a small piece with you. You can wear them on any part of your body. If you are into meditation, you can hold Moldavite in your hand while meditating. You will experience amazing results as it relieves stress and aims to find deep inner peace. Wearing it as jewelry is very beneficial as it helps you to get used to the energy of the stone and it becomes easier to carry it with you. You can also sleep with it under your pillow, but if the energy gets too much and you start to experience strange things, it might be better to use it for shorter periods at a time.

Where Can you Buy Real Moldavite?

Real certified Moldavite is available at this store as we work with reputable certified suppliers. The authentic natural crystals are shipped in directly from the Czech Republic, and it has excellent reviews.

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