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Moldavite – Tektite stone

Tektite is the coined term used to refer to organic class rocks formed from the impact of large meteorites or asteroids in the earth. Tektites are located around the globe, called Strewnfields in four locations.

Materials formed from the impact may have been strewn several hundreds of kilometers from the impact point

Raw Moldavite Stones are found in the Czech Republic, as part of the German Strewn Field. However, some people think of Moldavites as a group of people, but this is not true.

Conceptually, tektites are formed from the molten materials from the earth’s surface, catapulted several miles away from the impact.

Properties of a Raw Moldavite Stone

A raw, Moldavite stone frequently comes with different shades of green, like deep forest green color, pale green, olive oil, and even greenish-brown.

However, the most notable feature of Moldavite is its patterns which you can see from the unpolished raw Moldavite stone. These patterns could be wrinkled, sculpted, carved, and are usually etched.

You can use a raw Moldavite stone in various ways. This stone is best for psychic defense, and a highly effective tool for meditation. It guides the vision of its wearers and opens up one’s mind for the awareness of the entire world.

Moldavite stone also works best with other stones such as quartz, hematites, Obsidian stone, and grounding stones of any kind.

Healing Powers of a Moldavite

Moldavite is a great stone to work for physical and emotional healing.

Physical Healing Powers

Moldavite is a stone that can be utilized as a diagnostic tool to help its wearers be aware of the source or cause of any kind of illness, while also supporting the healing process.

The high vibrations of the raw Moldavite stone aids in removing clogged areas in the body and restores the body’s cells to its prime function.

The raw Moldavite is also referred to as the Stone of Rejuvenation, which initiates personal fulfillment and also slows down the aging process of its wearers.

Emotional Healing Powers

A Moldavite gem is also known as the Stone of the Heart that reaches to the depths of the inner self. It brings to light all the things about the inner self that needs to be recognized or released.

The resonance of a raw Moldavite unites the mind and the heart and allows them to work together. It allows its wearers to view itself and others with compassion and love.

As a member of the IMCA, we only offer genuine raw Moldavites. All the raw Moldavite for sale at our shop comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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