Where Does Moldavite Come From?

Where Does Moldavite Come From?

Where does Moldavite come from? To know the answer to this question, we will first
explore what tektites are.

Tektites are natural silicate glass that is created when a meteorite hits the earth’s
. Before the moment of impact, the meteor coming through the earth’s
atmosphere will be heated, thus the melting process or the creation of glass.

As it hits the earth, the meteorite comes in contact with the earth’s topsoil and breaks
into pieces. These broken glasses are strewn out and solidified.

Research on tektites shows that they are completely made of components out of the
earth or coming from extra-terrestrial origin. These tektites are scattered all over the
earth in four (4) major areas.

They are called ‘strewn fields’. They are the North American, Central Europe, the Ivory
Coast, and the Australian strewn field

Tektites particularly in the region of Central Europe are uniquely called Moldavites.
Moldavite came from the German name of the Vltava River, “Moldau”. Most Moldavites
have been located particularly in this river in the Czech Republic.

Where is Moldavite From?

Technically, Moldavite was created upon its entry to earth but its origin is
extraterrestrial. This extraterrestrial origin of the Moldavites makes them special. To
those who believe or study astrological and spiritual practices, these Moldavites connect
them to the other realms of the universe.

Where is Moldavite From?

Moldavites were formed when a meteorite fell in southern Germany about 14.7 million
years ago
. The remnants or pieces of the meteorite flew or were strewn around the
Central Europe majority in the Czech Republic. As of some studies, about ten million
were taken alone from the South Bohemia area.

There could have been more of it but due to earth’s natural evolution, erosion has taken
these pieces underneath with it. Today, only one mine is left to legally mine more
Moldavites. But they are now rare so those that have been found since the 1960s to
present are the only circulating pieces for sale.

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