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Moldavite the Gemstone from the Stars

Moldavites are believed to be formed from the molten rocks that fell off the ground after a meteorite collision.

Throughout history, Moldavite possessions are recognized as it is with diamonds. Moldavite is an out of the ordinary rock that is known for its outstanding properties and uses. A lot of people who have encountered this stone experienced life changes.

Moldavite has cleansing energy, assists with the flow of Chakra energy, and gives protections to its wearers.

Why Should You Wear a Moldavite?

A stone destined for greatness, there are a lot of reasons why you should wear moldavite earrings with you.

From the healing crystal group, Moldavite is a spiritual talisman, which is also able to bring fertility to its owner.

This gemstone is vital in bringing protection and good fortune to whoever holds it. It may also provide travel safety especially for those who travel a lot. The energies coming from this gemstone may relieve you of weariness and aids in resolving financial problems.

Moldavite is known as the gemstone of the heart. Wearing a Moldavite activates the heart Chakra to keep it in equilibrium. This will help you to have love and happiness that you can give to the people around you.

It is also great for emotional support. People who find it hard to adjust to various emotions and trials may use this stone.

Meditation with Moldavite

If you carry a Moldavite Stone with you or wear it as a jewel piece like Moldavite earrings, it allows you to be strong in a particular vibration field throughout the day.

You can do a Moldavite meditation while holding a Moldavite stone or wearing Moldavite earrings. Moldavite stone can support you in your yoga or meditation practices.

Moreover, it makes its wearers sensitive towards guidance, telepathy, and intuition. It’s because it makes you understand the messages sent by the higher realms.

When you start to do a Moldavite meditation, it will lead you to out of the body experience and visionary states while being one with light. It also assists in calming the mind when it is placed on any of the Chakra points or in your hands.

You can also heighten your awareness when you do your meditation guided with imagery and music. Meditation with a talisman enhances your awareness to the highest dimensions of spirituality.

As a member of the IMCA, rest assured that all of our Moldavite earrings for sale are natural and authentic.

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