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Finding real or genuine Moldavites is a skill. Certified Moldavites are a few that many prefer because it offers assurance that they have been checked and verified.

So why are Moldavites certified? First, Moldavites are rarer than diamonds that their number is decreasing fast, and their value continuously increasing. Moldavites are rarer than diamonds because they are remnants of a 14 million-year-old meteorite.

This meteorite fell in Europe and exploded to millions of pieces. Though 14.7 million years have passed, more than 2 million of those pieces were found in the Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany.

Today, there is only one legal mine operated by the Czech government. Even so, the numbers of new Moldavites are low. This makes it rarer than diamonds.

Because it is rare and in demand and with technology today, many have started to make or create fake Moldavites. Many of these are only made of green recycled glass.

To counter those making fake Moldavites and to assure many buyers, certified Moldavites are sold.

Certified Moldavites are Moldavites that have been issued certificates of authenticity.

Though a physical examination is best or a visit to an expert is suggested, certain organizations exist to stop these fakes.

The International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA) was created to organize honest sellers. Any member must guarantee the authenticity of all products sold, including Moldavites.

If complaints are made and proven, members will be reviewed then banned if proven guilty of selling fakes. IMCA only issues its logo with a number to certified members. Members then issue a certificate of authenticity to the products they sell.

Other Certificates

Besides organizations like IMCA, some laboratories offer certificates of authenticity. These laboratories are acknowledged and recognized to issue such certificates.

Articles or materials are sent for them to check via several laboratory tests. A certificate is then issued for the material once proven authentic.

What is in the Certificate of Certified Moldavites?

A certificate must contain the weight, color, shape or cut, dimension, and photo of the Moldavite. If a special attribute or characteristic is present, this will be indicated as well.

Some certificates would include a refractive index especially if this certificate is issued by a laboratory. Some would include the optic character and specific gravity value.

In some tests done by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), they compared the characteristics of natural and imitation Moldavites. They found that Chinese imitations are lighter green, have higher density, and have chalky fluorescence.

So despite looking alike in outside appearance the imitations can never be the same with the natural Moldavites. The best diagnostic tool for Moldavites is getting its reflective index (RI). A genuine Moldavite would have 1.480 to 1.510 RI.

Besides that, conducting a reflective index test would also assist in revealing lechatelierite or the “wire” bubbles inside a Moldavite. These wire bubbles are the best indications of a real Moldavite

Moldavites sold with certificates may cost differently from those without. But should you want to get a better deal, these certified Moldavites are way better than those without.

In addition to the certificates, whether your Moldavite is a certified Moldavite or not, it is best to read about one’s purchase guarantee or return policy. Learn how to check genuine Moldavites or have an expert check it soon as you receive your purchase.

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