Where To Buy Real Moldavite

Where to Buy Real Moldavite

Moldavite being a rare glass or ‘crystal’, a preferred term by many, can be sold
anywhere. But where to buy real Moldavites if they’re so rare?

Moldavites are natural glass formed when a meteorite fell in Europe and pieces of it
splattered to millions of melted glass in Central Europe. These millions of pieces are
generally called tektites, but those that are found in Europe are specifically called

Now, this event occurred about 14.7 million years ago so many of them have
disappeared through natural erosion. That’s why the remaining pieces are considered
rare. Millions of them have generally been found in the Czech Republic. Though some
fell in Germany and Austria.

Where Can I Buy a Moldavite

Now many of you may be thinking of going to the Czech Republic just to get one. Since
the 1800s, many of them have already been found. About 10 million pieces came from
Bohemia alone.

Of course, real or genuine Moldavites mostly came from the Czech Republic. Some are
still being found today. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to go there to purchase
one. Many have already been sold and passed on to generations all over the world.

Many are being sold in malls, jewelry shops, auction sales, expositions, and more.
Some are sold by people who have gotten them from family heirlooms and some from
those who have been from the Czech Republic. Nowadays, hundreds of online stores
sell them, too

The sad thing is, some came from Asia and most of them are fakes. However, some will
honestly publish that they are molded or man-made Moldavites.

Where to Buy Genuine Moldavite

Where to Buy Genuine Moldavite

Natural glasses can be easily faked too. Moldavites are no exceptions. So, where to buy
genuine Moldavite?

To many, purchasing online from reputable stores is convenient. If you think you trust
the online seller and may claim warranty or return of fake goods, then you may
purchase from them
. There is no harm in asking many questions because Moldavites
are expensive because of its value.

Also, recommendations and reviews are very important. Even a genuine jewelry or
crystal store may end up getting fakes. However, a reputable store will make sure to sell
genuine ones.

Most importantly, purchasing from stores should provide you a receipt, a certificate and
an agreement should you want to return it.
Always check with a geologist if possible.
Find the nearest geologist in your area and ask if they offer services to check a
Moldavite. It’s an additional cost but it will be worth it.

Genuine Moldavites are sold per gram, per grade and per design. The highest grade is
AAA – Museum grade. A piece is worth thousands of dollars alone. So always check for
certifications and validations of your seller.

As members of the IMCA, every Moldavite piece you’ll buy from us comes with a certificate of

Each Moldavite you purchase from our store comes with a certificate, our proof that we only
provide genuine Moldavites from our trusted partners.

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