What Is Moldavite Worth?

What is Moldavite Worth?

Rarer than diamonds, many are trying their best to invest in these Moldavites. But
really, what is Moldavite worth and what makes it special?

Let’s go first to what makes it rare and special. Diamonds are mined yearly and are
found to be always available. Moldavites, on the other hand, are not. Today, there is
only one legal mine left in the Czech Republic and is controlled by the government.

Over the past years, finding Moldavites have gotten rarer. From 5 grams per 1000
kilograms of sand, it has gone down to less than 3 grams per 1000 kilograms of sand.

This gives it a higher value, making it a better investment choice than gold. But as they
are rare, Museum Grade, the highest grade of Moldavite, are hardly ever available now.

Before going to how much one is worth, there are grades and classifications of
Moldavites, too. The basic gradings are A, AA, AAA. Besides that, they are priced
differently based on their size.

Those below 10 grams are worth less than those below 20 grams. Any Moldavite above
20 grams is usually Museum Grade.

Also, since they are all unique and come with different textures and forms. Those that
were found from Besednice are considered the most beautiful of all. They’re generally
called “Hedgehogs” because of their spike-like feature.

Being a delicate glass, those that have been collected from Besednice amuse many for
its beauty. They are among the most sought as well.

A perfectly shaped Besednice Moldavite of any size may be sold of the same value to a
Museum Grade.

So, What is Moldavite Worth Now?

About 20 years ago, one gram of Moldavite was worth at least USD 5. Today, Class A is
worth about USD 20 to USD 30 per gram. Class AA would range up to USD 75 per
gram. While Class AAA could be sold between USD 80 to USD 230 per gram
. Museum
Grade or perfect Besednice Hedgehogs are worth so much more.

Despite Asian manufacturers perfecting their fake production, a genuine Moldavite can
never be replicated. So if one would like to get a real Moldavite, make sure to find the
right seller

So, What is Moldavite Worth Now?

Every piece of Moldavite crystal we sell comes with a certificate of authenticity. As a
member of the IMCA we work with reputable certified suppliers of Moldavite crystals

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