Majestic Leaf-Shaped Raw Hedgehog from Maly Chlum (1.04 gr)

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This unique and majestic leaf-shaped raw hedgehog is an absolute must-have for any collector! This piece is sourced from Maly Chlum, a small town in Southeastern Czech Republic, and contains 1.04 gr of Moldavite, a rare green glass with origins from a meteorite impact. This is a truly one-of-a-kind sculpture that you won’t be able to find anywhere else — Moldavite hedgehogs are very rare, making it a highly sought-after and prized piece. Bring this captivating sculpture into your home, and you’ll be sure to take your admirers’ breath away.

Product Type: Raw Hedgehog Moldavite
Weight: 1.04gr
Dimensions: 20×17
Condition: No Damage
Deposit: Maly Chlum
Shape: Leaf
Certificate of Authenticity: Included

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This brilliant green Moldavite, also known as the Stone of Greatness, gained widespread attention several decades ago as an extraterrestrial stone formed by meteorite impacts on Earth’s surface. Moldavite exists in various qualities depending on the scale of the meteorite impact, with the oldest piece dating back 15 million years. Despite once being referred to as “organic glass” by professors, this gemstone now possesses powerful energies and is associated with prosperity and extraordinary abilities. Moldavite has a rich history, having been used in the creation of helmets and weapons during the Paleolithic age. According to Czechoslovakian myths and lore, the stone also invites harmony wherever it is placed.

Weight 1.04 g
Dimensions 20 × 17 mm
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