Glowing Natural Moldavite Set of 5 Raw Stones (3 grams)

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This Glowing Natural Moldavite Set of 5 Raw Stones (3 grams) is the perfect addition to any collection. Each stone is unique and has its own special energy. This set of five raw stones come from the Czech Republic and are of the highest quality. Each stone has a unique color, shape, and size. The stones have a beautiful glow that will make any room look stunning.

This set of five raw stones comes with a certificate of authenticity, ensuring that you are getting the real deal. These stones are 100% original and are perfect for anyone looking for something special. With this set, you can make your own jewelry, use as a display piece, or just enjoy the beauty of these natural stones. Get your set now and experience the energy of these beautiful Moldavite stones.

Product Type: Pack of 5 Raw Moldavites
Settings: Not applicable
Dimensions/Size: Not applicable
Total weight of jewelry: 3 grams (approx. weight per piece – 0.6 grams)
Stone Name: Moldavite
Raw/Faceted: Raw
Moldavite Weight: Not applicable
Certificate of Authenticity: Included

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Discover the beauty and power of Moldavite jewelry, a brilliant green gemstone known as the Stone of Greatness. It’s believed to be a stone from outer space created when a meteorite hit Earth millions of years ago. This unique gemstone is associated with prosperity and amazing abilities. Moldavite has a long history and was even used to make helmets and weapons a long time ago. According to stories, it can bring harmony to a place where it is kept. Our Moldavite jewelry is real and comes from a mine in Czech Republic, where experts verify its authenticity. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you your money back. You can tell the difference between real Moldavite and fake glass by checking the melting point and looking for small bubbles and lines. Moldavite is small, but it has a lot of power. You can use it to meditate by putting it on your forehead or under your pillow for better sleep. Carrying it with you can bring positive energy and open up new opportunities. Each piece comes with a certificate to prove that it’s real. Try Moldavite jewelry today and experience its amazing power!

Weight 3 g
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