Big Hedgehog Moldavite from Besednice with Certificate of Authenticity (11.75 grams)

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Big Hedgehog Moldavite from Besednice with CERTIFICATE

  • With Certificate
  • Natural/Raw Angel Chime Moldavite

Size: 40 x 30 x 11 millimeter 63 x 25 x 10
Weight: 11.75 grams
Condition: Undamaged
Moldavite Quality: A++
Deposit: Besednice

Sold Out

Hedgehogs are the most beautiful moldavites. These stones are deeply and intricately sculpted and came from one location only, Besednice.

We can see that the value of these stones will continue to increase throughout the years. Each Hedgehog from Besednice with CERTIFICATE that is purchased from us will take pride of place in anyone’s stone collection and may never be sold on the market again.

The opportunity to get a real Big Hedgehog Moldavite from Besednice with CERTIFICATE is rare, we only have limited number of these stones and we at BuyMoldavite don’t anticipate being able to get more.

  • Moldavite is said to possess great powers.
  • This Moldavite is shipped directly from the Czech Republic
  • The geologist we work with is a member of IMCA (Meteorite association)
  • We guarantee that the Moldavite is authentic, real, and genuine. We will accept the return refund in any case of hesitation.
  • The pieces will come with an original certificate from the Czech Republic
  • Delivery will take between 5-15 business days.
  • Free Shipping from the Czech Republic
Weight 11.75 g
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