5 Pieces of Genuine Raw Libyan Desert Glass (50.52grams)

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Our 5 pieces of genuine raw Libyan Desert Glass are a rare and unique addition to any collection. Sourced directly from the Great Sand Sea Glass region of Libya, these natural glasses are formed by meteorite impacts and are known for their powerful spiritual and healing properties. Weighing a total of 50.52 grams, these pieces of Libyan Desert Glass, also known as Libyan Gold Tektite, are perfect for collectors or those interested in the benefits of natural glass.

But be wary of fake Libyan Desert Glass, as it is often made from cheaper, synthetic materials and does not possess the same authentic Libyan Desert Glass Benefits. Trust in the authenticity and quality of our 5 pieces of genuine raw Libyan Desert Glass and add a piece of natural history to your collection.

Weight: 50.52 grams

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Libyan Desert Glass Properties

The Libyan glass is mostly yellowish in color but can sometimes be milky in color, light yellow, and very clear. It is also a glass made from silicon dioxide. It is a naturally occurring glass. According to scientists, the glass has the most outstanding deposit of silica gas that’s natural (about 98% Si02). Ancient Egyptians who used it in Tutankhamen’s scarab pendant tagged it “the rock of God.” Other sources also say that people who live in the PRE-historic era, dating to 10,000 years ago, knew about it. It was used for paleolithic instruments like sharp blades, hunting, and farming tools. It was also used in time past by the pharaohs as a gemstone ornament. Among collectors today, it is a highly coveted and prized gem.

Libyan Desert Glass Origin

The origin of the glass is unknown to researchers and scientists. Due to its presence in only one part of the world, various theories have been tendered to explain its mysterious surplus in the Libyan desert. Some views even include alien and outer earth activities. However, scientific research projected that the glass came to be due to a natural meteor impact or comet impact in the past.

That a giant alien meteor fell from the sky and crashed into the Libyan desert, thereby producing tremendous heat on impact, causing the sand to burst up into the sky and rain down as liquid glasses. The glass is said to be like tektite (Greek for tektos), which means molten.

Why Should I Buy Libyan Desert Glass

Libyan glass is the right choice for anyone looking to increase the collection or jazz up their ornament. And you need not travel down to the Libyan desert to get it. You can get the gem online—order online stores, especially online stores that specify in gems sales and collection. The price varies based on the size you want to buy, quantity, location, and shipping cost.

Weight 50.52 g
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