2 Inches Long Moldavite – Certified (14.03 grams)

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2 Inches Long Moldavite – Certified

  • With Certificate
  • 2″ Long Moldavite

Size: 51 x 16 x 9 millimeter (1.99 x 0.62 x 0.35 inch)
Weight: 70.15 ct (14.03 grams)
Condition: Undamaged
Moldavite quality: A+
Deposit: Nova Hospoda

These moldavites are hard to find. These 2 Inches Long Moldavite – Certified came from one location only, Nova Hospoda.

We can see that the value of these stones will continue to increase throughout the years. Each 2 Inches Long Moldavite – Certified that is purchased from us will take pride of place in anyone’s stone collection and may never be sold on the market again.

The opportunity to get a 2 Inches Long Moldavite – Certified is rare – we only have limited number of these stones and we at BuyMoldavite don’t anticipate being able to get more.

  • Moldavite is said to possess great powers.
  • This Moldavite is shipped directly from the Czech Republic
  • The geologist we work with is a member of IMCA (Meteorite association)
  • We guarantee that the Moldavite is authentic, real and genuine. We will accept the return refund in any case of hesitation.
  • The pieces will come with an original certificate from the Czech Republic
  • Delivery will take between 5-15 business days.
  • Free Shipping from the Czech Republic

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