Big Angel Chime Moldavite - CERTIFIED 3

Can a Moldavite Protect Us?

If you carry your moldavite with you in a jewelry creation, you have energy all day to synchronize your daily detours. Moldavite is especially useful for those who have difficulty knowing its purpose. Moldavite works very well with other Quartz. It is one of the synergy 12 stones, which means that it is a group …

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Investment Moldavite from Besednice - Certified

Besednice Moldavite

The Besednice (pronounced bes ed net sa) moldavite is a rare and delicate stone that is deeply and intricately sculptured from one location and one location only, Besednice. A translucent gem that is undamaged and well formed, presented in a natural green colorway. A Besednice Moldavite is a special stone, that is said to have …

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Moldavite Necklace

Moldavite Necklace

Are you looking for a LEGIT moldavite jewelry for sale? Shop genuine healing moldavite necklaces only at Made from natural raw moldavites, we offer different kinds of necklaces, from bead necklaces to pendants made from raw moldavite crystals. We carry a variety real moldavite necklaces and bracelets. Moldavite Necklace Connect and reflect with …

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Moldavite Ring - Moldavite

Moldavite Ring

A fusion of sparkling lustre and earthy green facets, the Moldavite Ring is definitely a sight to behold. It’s unique jewelry of empowerment, connectivity and spiritual awakening. If you would like to awaken your loved one’s spirit and her inner fire, this female moldavite ring is a perfect choice. It’s a must wear for ladies …

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