moldavite healing properties

Moldavite Healing Properties

Moldavite healing properties have been praised since ancient times when people would hold and experience the stone’s high vibration and frequency levels called tektite. Whether you’re wearing moldavite jewelry or just holding a raw stone, you can benefit from the intense healing properties of moldavite.

6 Surprising Moldavite Healing Properties

1. Transformation Properties

moldavite healing stone

Change and transformation can provide healing beyond the physical realm. High vibration crystals are able to help you reach a higher spiritual path. If you’re trying to improve your spiritual health, you can benefit from the metaphysical and healing properties of moldavite. This crystal is so powerful, that some people even consider it dangerous. Read more about Moldavite Dangers.

As a spiritual awakening aid, moldavite offers powerful energy that can lead to deeper spiritual healing.

2. Protection and Self-healing

Protection is a major concern, especially when someone is trying to reach a higher spiritual path. It’s believed that moldavite will provide protection from negative entities by protecting your auras.

Through its own high vibration, moldavite can help promote self-healing.

When placed next to other crystals, moldavite can help the crystals near it vibrate at a higher frequency to promote additional healing.

3. Cleansing

Through both its protective qualities and ability to offer transformation and self-healing, moldavite acts as a natural cleanser. When you wear or hold the stone, you can experience the cleansing properties of moldavite first-hand.

4. Emotional Healing Properties

The raw moldavite stone healing properties offer metaphysical properties that are said to provide deep emotional healing. A few of the emotional healing properties that moldavite can offer you are:

  • A sense of relaxation and soothing
  • Spiritual wound healing
  • Healing of the old emotional wounds you’re experiencing
  • Consciousness and spiritual growth can be stimulated
  • Boosts your sense of inner-self

Moldavite can help you develop a sense of self respect for yourself and others while also helping you develop a sense of unconditional love in the process.

5. Physical Healing Properties

Self-healing and emotional healing are just two parts of your overall healing. If you need physical healing, holding a moldavite stone can help. A few of the physical healing properties that moldavite can offer are:

  • Eye-related ailments are thought to be healed or alleviated by moldavite’s beautiful green color
  • Slows the aging process and offers rejuvenation, too
  • Fights back against infertility
  • Treats hair loss
  • Relieves fever, rashes and even allergies

The physical healing properties of moldavite cannot be overlooked. Simply wearing or holding the crystal will offer you these great benefits.

6. Chakra Healing

Blocked chakras are a major concern for anyone that wants to experience full-body healing. As an activator and chakra opener, it’s possible to activate any or all of your chakras to remove potential blockages and even speed up the healing process.

Through the opening and stimulation of the chakras, it’s possible to enhance your healing while also leading to overall spiritual growth in the process.

When placed near the third-eye or throat chakra, you’ll feel the stone start to vibrate.

Moldavite healing properties are vast, and all you need to start is a single stone or piece of jewelry to get started. Simply wear or hold the stone to experience its benefits.

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