How To Make Moldavite Oil

How to Make Moldavite Oil

Moldavite oil isn’t an extract but rather healing oil that’s infused with a Moldavite piece.
Just like in using a Moldavite piece, it is vital to work with the stone before dipping it into
your desired oil.

To make the Moldavite oil, prepare your desired base oil which could be a sunflower,
olive, almond or grapeseed oil. Fill your container bottle with just enough base oil.

Next is to drop a few of your essential oils. Depending on your choice, you can fuse a
few drops of different essential oils that work with you.

Then, add in the Moldavite shards or Moldavite piece in. Make sure you have worked or
programmed your Moldavites before putting it in.

For Mark Bajerski, an international author and spiritual teacher, he uses grapeseed oil
and Palo Santo oil together with one of his Moldavite pieces which he had worked on

Some do cleansing on both the oil and the Moldavite piece while adding other crystals
that have worked for them. Some even charged their oil with sunlight and moonlight for
15 days and 15 nights.

Now, this all depends on how healing oils and the Moldavite that works for you.

Moldavite: A Brief Background

Moldavites are tektites or remnants of a meteorite that hit the earth about 14.7 million
years ago
. These precious remnants are natural glasses but are considered gems or
crystals by many. Moldavite is considered amongst the most powerful crystals.

Moldavite: A Brief Background

Moldavite is used in many ways like opening your heart Chakra, healing trauma,
stimulating transformation, and canceling negativity. The energy coming from this
crystal is so strong that people could feel its vibration on their first touch.

Now besides using it directly for meditation or wearing it as a protection jewel, one can
make Moldavite oil from it. This is best for those who want to feel the power of the
Moldavite in lesser intensity.

How to Use Moldavite Oil

Once your Moldavite oil is ready, use 3 drops of the oil. Place it onto your palm, spread
it to both your palms then smell it for a few seconds.

Next, rub it first to your third-eye or forehead. Slide it towards your nose and move back
towards your forehead, your head or your crown. Rub it on top of your head then rub the
rest to your chest or heart chakra.

It is best to use for meditation, dreamwork or whenever you feel you need it. Let the
energy of the Moldavite flow through you and experience it before doing any other

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