How To Cleanse Moldavite

How to Cleanse Moldavite

To owners of crystals or stones and other precious stones like the Moldavite, maintaining its
positive vibe and energy is important. Hence, learning how to cleanse your Moldavite is

Cleansing one’s Moldavite means removing all the negative energy it may have absorbed.
There are several ways one can cleanse their Moldavite.

Cleansing with Water

The top cleansing suggestion for a Moldavite is by cleansing it with water. Water represents not
only washing away dirt but also cleansing one’s spiritual energy, just like baptism.

If you are near the beach, it’s best to get water from the sea. If not, create your own saltwater
and soak your Moldavite for 12 hours. Salt is believed to absorb all the negativity. This method
is best used if you’re not near running water or if rain isn’t abundant in your location.

Rain and running water is another way of cleansing your Moldavite. The process is believed to
wash away all the negativity from the stone. Many suggest a 12-hour time of leaving it out in the
river or stream, but you are free to calculate the best time to cleanse your Moldavite. Just make
sure to secure your Moldavite so it won’t get washed away.

Cleansing with Soil

The earthly soil is another cleansing agent for the Moldavite. Healthy and good soil provides life
to all the flora and fauna of the earth. Thus, many believe that burying your Moldavite on the soil
will not only cleanse it, but also charge your Moldavite.

To do this, bury your Moldavite for at least 12 hours or overnight. Some even bury their
Moldavite a few days or a week. Mark your burying site so as not to lose it.

Cleansing with Sunlight

The sun is the energy-giving agent for all life forces on earth. Exposing your Moldavite to
will not just cleanse but also charge it.

Cleansing Moldavite with Sunlight

There are many ways to do so. Others who don’t want to expose their Moldavite too long under
the heat leave it out only for a few hours. Others believe that it must complete a full cycle from
sunrise to sunset. Keep in mind that a Moldavite is a natural glass so leave it under the sun with
caution and care.

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