Moldavite Stone

Moldavite Stone is a rare, precious gem that is only found in the Czech Republic. Carved out of the meteorite’s impact with mother earth, this stone is definitely sent by the heavens.

As it is, the Moldavite stones for sale in our collection are genuine Moldavites that are unearthed from the soils of the Czech Republic. Each Moldavite stone, faceted or raw, is known to have great benefits, especially in its bearers.

Each Moldavite gem that you can get from our store will definitely be a great addition to your gem collection. Not only does it get along with other gems, but it is a perfect match for those who get to wear it.

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  • Quality A Olive Green Moldavite With Open Bubble (5.65grams) 1Quality A Olive Green Moldavite With Open Bubble (5.65grams) 2
  • Rare Bottle Green Moldavite (2.87grams) 1Rare Bottle Green Moldavite (2.87grams) 2
  • Shiny Natural Piece Raw Moldavite (1.21grams) 1Shiny Natural Piece Raw Moldavite (1.21grams) 2
  • Lot Of 3 Pieces Genuine Moldavite Collection (4.4grams)
  • Lot Of 3 Pieces Genuine Moldavite Collection (6.0grams)
  • Lot Of 3 Pieces Genuine Moldavite Collection (4.0grams)
  • Quality A Bottle Green Moldavite (3.92grams) 1Quality A Bottle Green Moldavite (3.92grams) 2
  • First Grade Collector Specimen Moldavite (7.5grams) 1First Grade Collector Specimen Moldavite (7.5grams) 2
  • Quality A Shiny Olive Green Moldavite (4.88grams) 1Quality A Shiny Olive Green Moldavite (4.88grams) 2
  • Quality A Olive Green Moldavite (3.25grams) 1Quality A Olive Green Moldavite (3.25grams) 2
  • Light Green Raw Moldavite (2.48grams) 1Light Green Raw Moldavite (2.48grams) 2
  • Lot of 5 Pieces Genuine Moldavite Collection (3.9grams)

Moldavite Gemstone – A Gem Named for Greatness

Moldavite stone, sometimes called “Moldevite” or “Moldovite” got its name from the place where it is first found. The early Moldavite stones were discovered from the banks of Moldau River in the Czech Republic.

Moldavite stone belongs to the Tektite group on stones that are formed out of interplanetary collisions. From the Greek word “tektos” which means “molten”, Moldavite gems are amorphous (no definite shape) crystals.

Only Moldavite stones are tektites with a deep forest green color. Also, these are the only types that are suitable for cutting and faceting.

Moldavite Stone Properties

Moldavite stone is a stone known for its frequencies and vibrations. It is good for counteracting pessimism. It frees a person from doubts and weariness from the unknown.

Bearing a Moldavite stone allows your energies to stay in the vibrational field all day. With its intense vibrations, wearers may experience dizziness and may get used to it gradually.

Moldavite stones are believed to get along with other stones, especially with Quartz variations.

Great Stone with Great Healing Benefits

Many of those who wear Moldavite stone from our store have experienced the different healing properties of this precious gem. Moldavite stones are famous for its several healing properties, especially for its wearers.

Physical Healing

Moldavite can be used as a great diagnostic tool. It can help a person determine the origin and cause of the malady. This aids in the process of liberation and healing. The high vibrations restore blocked areas and help in cell restorations.

Emotional Healing

Moldavite stone keeps the balance of the heart chakra that helps it’s wearers to be in control over one’s emotions and desires. It leads its wearers to get in touch with the deepest parts of the heart. Thus, its resonance unites the heart and mind to work in a perfect balance.

Moldevite stone is a stone out of the ordinary. It inspires unexpected solutions and awakens concealed memories.

Spiritual Healing

Moldavites Stone initiates spiritual awakening, transformation, and rebirth to its bearers. It draws a clear and direct connection between one’s consciousness and the universal source.

Not only that, but a Moldavite stone also provides protection for anyone who wears it. It shoves off negative entities preventing it from connecting it to one’s aura. Moreover, it aids a person to disconnect from unhealthy attachments.

Why own a Moldavite Stone?

Any person who gets to wear a Moldavite stone will surely benefit a lot. Moldavite stone is indeed a great gem known for its great healing and restoration capabilities. Not only that, but Moldavite stone will also aid you in creating the much-needed change in your life.

All Moldavite stones for sale on our store, faceted Moldevite or raw Moldavite stone, are authentic gems. As a member of IMCA, rest assured that our Moldavite stones are genuine.

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