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  • shiny moldavite from chlum pendant (5.59grams) 1shiny moldavite from chlum pendant (5.59grams) 2
  • glossy drilled moldavite pendant (9.71grams) 1glossy drilled moldavite pendant (9.71grams) 2
  • large glossy moldavite from chlum pendant (13.82grams) 1large glossy moldavite from chlum pendant (13.82grams) 2
  • quality a+ brown green large moldavite pendant (19.34grams) 1quality a+ brown green large moldavite pendant (19.34grams) 2
  • dazzling heart shape moldavite with red garnet pendant (1.34 grams) 1dazzling heart shape moldavite with red garnet pendant (1.34 grams) 2
  • investment faceted moldavite in 14k gold pendant (2.13grams) 1investment faceted moldavite in 14k gold pendant (2.13grams) 2
  • oval shape faceted moldavite in silver pendant (1.45grams) 1oval shape faceted moldavite in silver pendant (1.45grams) 2
  • large moldavite pendant (10.69grams) 1large moldavite pendant (10.69grams) 2

    Large Moldavite Pendant (10.69grams)

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  • moldavite from chlum pendant (6.37grams) 1moldavite from chlum pendant (6.37grams) 2

    Moldavite From Chlum Pendant (6.37grams)

    Certified Moldavites Add to cart $383.42 USD
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Moldavite Meteorite, A Heart Stone

Moldavite helps its wearers to connect to the deepest parts of the heart. By this, one becomes aware of what is going on inside his/her heart. The Moldavite resonates to unite the heart and the mind.

The mind, when looking at its creations, looks at the heart to see their worth. The heart then learns to look to itself and others too, showing them compassion and empathy. It is because Moldavite connects directly to the Heart Chakra to help bring the sense of unconditional love to your aura.

The green crystal energy coming from the Moldavite is used to resolve hindrances and to re-balance the Heart Chakra. This way, it helps its wearers understand their needs and emotions vividly.

Through this, a person can also learn how to deal with emotional relationships, understand its nature, and accept the inevitable changes that might happen.

How to Wear a Moldavite Pendant

These precious pieces can be worn in any style you want. There are no limitations as to how you want to wear your Moldavite pendant.

The pendant can be worn on your favorite chain, choker, or cord at the length of your liking. With these pendants, you are free to switch and change to the chain of your choice. The elegant gape of a Moldavite pendant may be highlighted when worn with an open neck outfit.

Why Wear a Moldavite Pendant

Moldavite stones open the flow of Heart Chakra. This way, any imbalances, and blockages will be restored. When the Heart Chakra is in perfect balance, a person will have a more positive outlook, attracts healthy relationships, and brings awareness to one’s feelings and emotions. It’s because It opens the heart to be more loving and accepting of others.

The Heart Chakra is associated with the color green, which means healing, growing, and life. The Moldavite stone can connect to the heart Chakra because of its green color. Once it is connected with the Heart Chakra, it stirs the love energy in your heart.

In order to activate this galactic stone to activate the Heart Chakra, wear the Moldavite pendant close to the heart. If you want to have communication with the guide and the angels, you can wear a Moldavite pendant as a choker.

In our store, there are Moldavite pendants for sale with different designs to choose from. We guarantee that the Moldavite pendants we sell are made from raw and authentic Moldavite meteorite stone solely from the soils of the Czech Republic.

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