Moldavite Oil

Our store offers soothing and fragrant Moldavite oil perfect for your everyday use. Moldavite oil helps you to enhance your emotional and spiritual growth and supports positive transformation.

The Moldavite oil we have is a special blend of organic ingredients, infused with Moldavite essence, to compliment Moldavite energies. The Moldavite essence was extracted from genuine Moldavite from Czech Republic, the only source of authentic Moldavite stones.

Moldavite gems are tektite grade gems that were formed from meteorite collisions some 15 million years ago. The earliest Moldavites were discovered near the Moldau River (Vltava) in Czech Republic.

As a powerful stone to calm and ease the mind, it helps you get rid of negative emotions and thinking that is no longer helpful to the wearer.

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How to Use Moldavite Oil

You can wear a few drops of Moldavite oil while meditating or when sleeping if you want to activate the advanced dream state.

Moldavite oil can also be used to take care of your Moldavite stone. This is one by rubbing 1 to 2 drops of oil and cleaning it using a soft brush. Let the oil sit for 30 minutes under the sun for best results.

Benefits of Moldavite

Moldavite stone is one of the stones with noticeable vibrational energy to the touch and is even more powerful when closer to home. The high frequencies and vibration from the stone is a powerful Chakra opener, certainly at the heart and above.

When wearing a Moldavite oil or a Moldavite stone, it is important to be properly grounded and mentally prepared. Sometimes, its energies can be intimidating and overwhelming. Moldavite’s enthralling pull brings deep-seated issues flooded into the surface for awareness of inner self and transformation.

Wearing a Moldavite in any form aids in manifesting positive life change. Moldavite is a special stone believed to be helping with the awakening of humanity. A transformational stone that supports spiritual evolution and breakthroughs, physical cleansing, and emotional healing.

Even people that are not sensitive to a stone’s energy can still experience the energies released from Moldavite. Most people sense these energies as heat or a tingling sensation in the palm of hands. For some, they feel energy rushing through their body usually upwards to the top of their heads.

Why Opt for Moldavite?

Moldavite is ideal to get if you want to get your life back on its course or to take your life into another direction.

Moldavite calms your mind so energies from the stone can flow smoothly in your vibrational areas. Because of its high vibrational energy, it may even get rid of blockages in the body and help it to function properly.

This is also a remarkable tool for diagnosing sickness and disorders. It works by discharging the energies to aid in identifying the cause of sickness and helps in the recovery process.

Moldavite will fill you with all the energy, expansion, growth, and new beginnings. If you maintain a Moldavite, you can harness all the vibrational energies with it.

As a trusted member of IMCA, we guarantee that we only sell authentic Moldavite and Moldavite oil. All the Moldavite products that we offer come from raw Moldavites from the Czech Republic.

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