Besednice Moldavite

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Besednice Moldavite Origins

Moldavite stones are a rare green, the translucent stone of unearthly origins. Since the clay pits in Besednice and other nearby sites have been completely mined out, no new pieces can be found anymore. The scarcity has caused the prices of these stones to be high.
Scientists suggest that a meteor shower in the Moldau Valley in the Czech Republic around 14.8 million years ago caused meteorites to fuse with early rock formations in high temperatures. These formed a fused glass called tektites, thus the Moldavites. Its green color is mostly due to the iron content and probably some olivine.
Moldavite is considered to be one of the rarest gems and is considered to be the only tektite grade gem found.

What Makes Besednice Moldavite Special?

Besednice Moldavite is the most special and the highest-quality Moldavite that is found in the clay pits of Besednice, a small town in the Czech Republic where it is known for its unique soil composition.
Besednice Moldavite is often called hedgehog because of its spiky “hedgehog” texture and form. It is also known for its lacy, deep sculpted forms.
The mysterious beauty and rarity of these Moldavites have made them the highly priced and most sought after Moldavite for collectors. Most of the shapes often look like angels.

Why Get a Besednice Moldavite?

Besednice Moldavite vibrates at a higher frequency than any other Moldavite stone. Like any other Moldavite stones, Besednice Moldavites initiate spiritual awakening and transformation. It will help you to look for your sacred path.
These stones also open a pathway through the Crown Chakra that centers at the heart. It is also a protection stone, covering the wearer in a protection cloak.

Metaphysical Properties

Its metaphysical properties aid to spiritualize and energize the powers of other crystals like amethyst, charoite, larimar, and tanzanite, when worn at the same time.
Also, it helps widen your cosmic consciousness, brings about positive changes in life, and even brings back the balance in relationships. It’s because it’s highly energized vibration cancels the negative entities that affect your aura.

Emotional Healing

In addition to the benefits of its metaphysical properties, Besednice Moldavites are also believed to have several benefits to our emotional health.
These stones cause the wearer to have a sense of fulfillment. It helps in healing emotional and spiritual wounds.
Moreover, it stimulates growth and expands your consciousness by helping you recognize the things that work in your best interest. Lastly, it guides you to think about your beliefs and eliminate those that are not suitable for you.
The chance to get a Besednice Moldavite of high quality is exceedingly rare nowadays, especially now that all the lands that used to have these are now closed.
As a certified member of the IMCA, we guarantee that the Besednice Moldavites we sell are real and genuine.

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