Angel Chime Moldavite

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All About Angel Chime Moldavite

 Moldavite is a natural impact glass which vibrates at the resonant frequency. When you rub or strike a Moldavite, energy is produced at the Moldavite molecules causing it to vibrate. These vibrations will make the surrounding molecules vibrate producing a chiming sound.

However, with Angel Chime Moldavites it is different. Angel Chime Moldavites has a high internal tension due to a quicker solidification from its molten form to the solid glass.

This higher tension means that Angel chime Moldavites will have more vibrations, thus producing a distinct chiming sound when it is tapped, dropped against a piece of metal or glass.

How Do You Make It Sound?

As mentioned, you can produce a ringing or chiming sound by rubbing, tapping, or dropping it against a glass or a metal. The careful way to make it sound it by lightly tapping it to another Moldavite to check if you get that ringing sound.

However, be careful as Angel Chime Moldavites are more fragile than ordinary Moldavites.

Do All Angel Chime Moldavites Have the Same Sound?

Angel chime Moldavites differ in their chiming or ringing sound due to different factors. The higher the pitch of the sound it produces, the longer is the ringing sound which makes it more noticeable.

If the sound is lower in pitch, and shorter ringing sound, it could mean that only a part of the Moldavite has that high internal tension. It could be that during its formation process, the other parts cooled down first than others.

Other factors that affect the produced sound and the size and thickness of the Moldavite. Thinner and longer pieces are likely to produce ringing sound in longer durations.

How Rare Are Angel Chime Moldavites?

It is approximated that in a one-kilogram bag of Moldavite, there exist two to three pieces of Angel Chime Moldavites on average. Doing the math shows that out of 1000 grams of Moldavites, one percent of it are Angel Chime Moldavites.

The rarity of this type of Moldavite means that it could be more expensive than ordinary Moldavites.

Myths About Angel Chime Moldavite

Some are saying that Angel Chime Moldavites are the most powerful type of Moldavite and that they attract angels. But these claims are not verified, and there can be more and less powerful Moldavites.

As members of the IMCA, you can be sure that each piece of an Angel Chime Moldavite you’ll get from us is 100% authentic.

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