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Can Moldavite Get Wet?

Many people buy moldavite because they want to raise their vibration, experience a spiritual awakening or heal. Maybe you want to buy moldavite jewelry and plan to wear it 24/7, or use it as part of your meditations or rituals. In either case, you may be worried about moisture and humidity. Can moldavite get wet? Or will moisture deactivate or cause your crystal to stop working?

What happens when you wet a moldavite?

Crystals are most effective when they are stored and cared for properly. Moldavite is no exception. Moisture and humidity can be damaging to some crystals, but what about moldavite?

Here is the good news:

  • Moldavite can get wet.
  • It is also okay to wear moldavite jewelry in the shower (as long as the rest of the jewelry’s material is water-safe).

Moldavites are intimately connected to water. In fact, water plays an important role in activating and cleansing moldavite.

Still, many people have questions and concerns about moldavite and water.

Can Moldavite Get Wet When It’s recharging?

If you are charging your moldavite in the moonlight, and it gets caught in a rainstorm, there is no need to worry.

Can Moldavite Soak Up Water?

No. Because moldavite is not porous, it cannot soak up moisture. Its structure is similar to glass.

Can You Put Moldavite in Salt Water?

moldavite salt water

While you technically can put moldavite in salt water, it is generally a good idea to avoid salt water in general when working with crystals.

If you go for a swim in the ocean with a moldavite pendant or ring on, there is really no cause for concern. Moldavite is not porous, so the salt shouldn’t erode or damage the crystal. But if you are going to cleanse or soak your moldavite, stick with plain water.

How Moldavites are Formed and Their Connection with Water

Moldavites were formed millions of years ago when a meteorite hit the earth. Most landed in the area of modern-day Czech Republic, where they were exposed to a variety of elements, including water.

Over time, moldavites traveled through old waterways and eventually settled into nearby rocks, clay, and sand. Exposure to the minerals in the water and the alkaline or acidic nature of the water created etchings on the surfaces of moldavites.

So, moldavites can absolutely get wet and even soak in water. Sure, if you left your crystal soaking in mineral water for thousands of years, it may change its shape and etchings. But if you are just using plain water, your crystal will be perfectly safe.

Moldavites Can Get Wet

The bottom line? It is fine for your moldavites to get wet. Wearing it in the ocean, pool or shower should not deactivate or damage the crystal.

Some people do not bother cleansing their moldavite (it’s a high-energy crystal that doesn’t easily absorb negative energy) and prefer to keep it away from water. But this is really more of a personal preference than anything else.

Remember – moldavites have been exposed to water for thousands of years. In fact, water helped create their unique etchings and shape, so a little cleansing or exposure to moisture will not hurt your crystal.

Many people who use crystals for spiritual purposes also enjoy incorporating other natural materials into their practice, such as crystals like amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz. In addition to crystals, natural materials like puka shells can also be a beautiful complement to moldavite and other crystal jewelry. If you’re looking to add a new accessory to your spiritual toolkit, consider a puka shell necklace or another natural material that resonates with you to wear alongside your moldavite pendant.

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Please share with us, in the comments, your experience with wetting your Moldavite. How did it work out for you?

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